Hugh Masekela - the gardener!

In early July 2010 I listened to an interview with Hugh Masekela on Talk Radio 702 and to my delight I heard him say the following: ‘‘I think my favourite artist is nature. Nature - which we're part of, by the way - is the greatest performer. Now it's winter - I'm an avid gardener, next month I'll look out of the window and I'll go ‘yô’ [expression of amazement] and the next day it's ‘maweh’ [ditto].’’

In an interview with a music website he says the same thing: ‘‘I just go with nature. I do a lot of gardening, when I am home. I am a very sort of nature focused and oriented person.’’

What I would not give to see the great man's garden... ‘Grazing in the grass’ is an ode to our landscape. One day I'll install speakers throughout my garden to let Bra Hugh wash and weave over us.

I've read that his grandmother was a Ndebele princess, hence the photo below in the absence of any of his garden.

Ndebele women outside Pretoria

Ndebele women standing outside Pretoria. Cape Archives