Brooklyn Bridge, Pretoria

Brooklyn Bridge landscaping

The landscaping of the Brooklyn Bridge office development

I am one of those who dash across two busy roads - for the bridge of Brooklyn Bridge is, years after the offices have opened, still not completed - to get to my bank.

As an urban development project it's poor: apart from the dashing, pedestrians are further punished by having to (in my case) shorten their strides in order to step on cement blocks put down amidst a rockfall. There used to be only one row of cement blocks, requiring negotiation between opposing traffic as to who'd give way. At least the one row has been replaced by two rows. (This is what I'm talking about.) The developers say that the charmingly termed ‘dumprock’ is to prevent people from walking though the plants. As you'll see, you'd have to determinedly climb over a low wall to get into the plants. Which I've done, of course.

The reason I've walked on the walls and amongst the plants is because I actually quite like what the landscapers, Insite Landscape Architects, have done here. So much so, that I told Karyn Richards, editor of Landscape SA about it and she did a story on Brooklyn Bridge's landscaping. >>