Brooklyn Bridge, Pretoria

Brooklyn Bridge landscaping

A good start - but will those bare patches enlarge? And recent trench-digging has reduced the Arctotis and Gazania plants (flowering at the back)

I was very pleased when I saw the confetti bushes in flower, unhindered by overzealous shears. Leaving some shrubs to fill out their natural shape accentuates the trimmed Westringia fruticosa hedges and makes the layout so much more effective.

And that was exactly their idea, Karen James of Insite Landscape Architects tells me.

And yet... it seems to me the terrain is getting somewhat bare in spots. How do landscapers ensure that their design ideas are maintained? Guidelines are left with the owners who hand it, hopefully, to the company awarded the contract to maintain the gardens. Then it's out of the hands of the landscapers. That's the difficult side of this business, I'd imagine.